The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. (Helen Keller)


This class is perfect if you are looking to get familiar with the Yoga practice or if you wish to get back to the basics.
The class will focus on the alignment of the postures and you will be guided with modifications to suits everyone.


A quiet contemplative practice where we work deeply into our body with passive longer-held poses ( usually between 2 to 5 minutes).
Our main targets are the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones and deep fascia  network of the body 
Increases circulation, improves flexibility and calms and balance the mind and the body. A perfect way to finish your day and surrender.


Building the foundations using the combination of postures and breathwork to build a flowing and fluid class.
Open to all levels.


Ready to spice things up a little?

This class is for you!

A creative form of yoga where poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. The beauty of Vinyasa yoga is the variety. Each time you will be taken into a new journey. Classes may be sequenced around a peak pose, on a particular theme or an aspect of yoga philosophy. 

A great class to build overall strength and a great workout for the body.


This is for a more personalised yoga experience, a practice that can be designed to fit your needs.
Perfect if you don't have much time to attend our timetable on offer, for anyone who is working with an injury or for small groups.


We believe that a happy and healthy workplace is a productive workplace.
Offering classes adapted to meet and balance the needs of everyBODY!
Session includes yoga, meditation and mindfulness to reduce stress management and physical and mental wellness.